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Will Artificial Intelligence Software Replace Marketing Professionals?

Recently, there have been multiple reports suggesting that a major part of the human workforce is set to be replaced by machines and automations in years to come. With excessive development and research in the field of artificial intelligence software, many fear that the likelihood of losing their jobs is inevitable.

Even before exploring this subject matter further, however, let’s understand the underlying basics first.

What is Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computerized systems that have been designed to undertake tasks that would require normal human intervention, for example, decision making, speech recognition, visual perception, and language translation.

From Siri to self-driving cars, the artificial intelligence software seems poised to disrupt various industries that will be forced to either do employee replacement or empowerment.

We can see its beginnings with Tesla disrupting the automotive industry with self-driven cars, Lawtech innovations disrupting law firms and their Junior Lawyer jobs and client fees, and Bookmark disrupting the web design industry with AiDA, its Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant that builds a website for anyone in just a matter of minutes.

How AI Will Affect Marketing Professionals

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According to a recent survey done by Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in conjunction with Wakefield Research, marketers believe that artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly impact the entire world of sales and marketing.

In fact, according to the research, 80 percent of all marketing executives believe that AI will transform the entire industry by 2020.

Will AI help marketing professionals in making better decisions through accurate, automated information that saves time and leaves less room for human error?

Or will AI eventually replace these marketing professionals by being smarter, faster, and more accurate in strategizing and executing campaigns?

Let’s face it, it is still premature to think that a machine can replace professionals that soon. Be that as it may, AI is poised to change the role that has traditionally been associated with marketing and the change is already starting now.

How AI Enables Marketers to Become More Efficient

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AI’s Machine Automation = More Efficient

The artificial intelligence software really boils down to machine automation, which in turn leads to efficiency.

In marketing and other industries, AI will be instrumental in analyzing piles of data as efficiently as possible and provide additional insights that marketers would otherwise not be able to compute today.

AI Features Sophisticated Automation

Automation done by AI will continuously become more and more sophisticated. For instance, humans will choose the input message and design the overall campaign, while AI will be left to work on fine-tuning the nitty gritty details like specific ad channels, time of the day, demographics, and target audience, among other details.

This, in turn, will leave marketers to focus on work that makes better use of their time in terms of meeting targets, rather than wasting hours sitting behind a computer preparing spreadsheets with minute campaign details that AI can do in just a few minutes.

AI Possesses Extensive Knowledge

Artificial intelligence will also provide in-depth knowledge that marketers need to better understand and predict customer behavior.

Based on those customer data gathered by AI, marketers can then anticipate what customers want. They will be able to deliver a more individualized and personalized brand message, leading to higher conversions.

AI Provides Better Customer Service

AI is also starting to bring smarter and better customer service with the best example being its impact on chatbots. This will drastically cut costs associated with hiring, training, and staffing customer service representatives all the while providing top-notch quality service.

Ways Marketers Can Use Artificial Intelligence to their Advantage

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Use AI to Understand Customers Better

AI will allow marketers access to customers’ profiles and data. Even tools such as speech recognition and chatbots gather the free-form data consumers type or speak, and marketers can use these to complement existing customer profiles and form a clearer picture of their ideal target market.

This comes in handy when partitioning audiences in terms of preferences, demographics, and other factors.

Have AI Help in Decision Making

AI can also help marketers in identifying latest consumer trends, events, and conversations in real time as they happen. Brands can thereafter jump in, interact with consumers, and influence their decisions at that precise moment.

AI Can Do Social Media Monitoring

AI can assist marketers in knowing how customers are reacting to a company’s brand round the clock. Thanks to the internet, consumers can now share and express their feedback in real time.

What this means to marketers is that there exists a potential for them to know precisely what consumers are thinking about their brand, whether it’s comments on a Facebook live event or a slew of tweets after a commercial.

Again, marketers can harness the power of AI to create a compelling message that better connects with customers. With the intelligence that AI presents, marketers will be able to fully comprehend what customers are saying, feeling, and thinking about the brand.

Customer surveys, social media, and blogs also offer a rich insight into how brands are viewed in the eyes of consumers.

AI Helps Outsmart the Competition

Companies looking to remain competitive in their niches will have to learn how to integrate AI into their businesses or risk being left behind. Unlike in the past, digital consumers are now able to find and retrieve information rather quickly and efficiently, and brands need to keep up with that or otherwise lose their customers to the competition.

Google, for example, is currently using artificial intelligence via RankBrain to present search results better. Marketers should be able to tap into the potential that RankBrain already offers to produce high quality content easily discoverable in search.

Artificial intelligence will definitely change the world as we know it, not just the marketing industry. AI in marketing, specifically, will present more accurate insights that can lead to companies making smarter decisions.

Marketers will no longer have to take care of time-consuming and routine tasks, freeing up time that they can use more creatively and strategically. AI’s impact is not limited to that though; it has far ranging impact as it has already done in the customer service industry, website building, virtual assistance, and chatbots, among others.

Whether or not we are ready to embrace it, the Artificial Intelligence software is without a doubt going to be a significant part of the marketing industry from this point forward. Marketers and small business owners should already start learning how to integrate it to better take advantage of the benefits it offers.

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