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Tinder Select, For the Rich & Famous (and Hot)

Tinder has a new feature, a VIP lounge called Tinder Select. Invite only of course. Not for the riff-raff. Those chosen for the app are celebrities and those who have been swiped very far to the right. The elite need the best genes, or do the best genes make the elite? Either way the gene pools need to be frequently revitalised otherwise the Hapsburg Jaw starts to form.

tinder select
Tinder Select might have helped the House of Hapsburg find spouses not so, close

Its a point of the spectrum where exclusivity is so high mitosis occurs and a new thing appears. Conspiracy theories put a tin foil layer over what is a valid sociological area of study. Social groups and social cohesion. Tinder Select isn’t a new wave of arranged marriages and dowries. Sons and daughters are not being married off, they’re simply being put into, what is for them, the right group.  There is no longer a stigma around meeting romantic partners online. This is an example of how technology in the wild shapes the future. Tinder will be able to, in several years, have a data bank of all the babies it played a role in producing.

We live in a society divided by money. Any divide can be enhanced if you provide one side with more money than the other. It is the multi-tool for discrimination when left unchecked. There are places where this is made more evident, because they’re separated. Physical examples include private members clubs, golf clubs (which don’t have to be at golf courses), gated communities.

Tinder Select is the virtual club. It will be used for ladder-climbers, it will also be used for a laugh. So really who cares if there is Tinder Select. In a way its like closed DMs on Twitter. We can discuss the psychology of why celebrities date each other a lot. Drive to deliver things. We like to have our romantic partners within some sort of endogamy, whether that’s race, class or religion. On a more simple level, these are just the people they meet in their day-to-day lives, which happen to be used as culture or entertainment by an audience.

Tinder Select can't help you with your maths homework.
Split it or get the round next time, c’mon.

The Tinder Select Express Luxuruy Economy

This new part of Tinder isn’t a revelation as much an inevitablity. As a company it has to be profitable, like other hot companies Tinder has said it may never be profitable. This line delivered by Snapchat too needs investigating. My gut says they profit in a hidden way, largely through data sales to advertisers and other parties. Which may be part of other companies they own that are profitable. This is not an accusation of any legal or financial wrong-doing, in fact in reality its probably legal. I just think its wrong, but who cares what I think? More interesting is the idea that the company is contributing to economies in a different way.

The dating economy in the UK as a whole is worth around £14.5 billion. A report from TSB, a bank in the United Kingdom, suggests the ‘Tinder economy’, dates coming from apps like Tinder or Happn, contribute £11.7 billion annually. The average first date in the UK costs around £41.20, if Tinder Select proves fruitful how much will this add to the economy? How ossified will our social structure become, stay tuned.


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