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Virtual Reality

How Do I Get Into VR? The Answer is Cheap PPi

Getting my hands on virtual reality has to come after getting a new phone. For the best VR effect the pixels per inch (PPi) needs to be as high as possible. Back in 2015 Sony launched the first 4K read phone, the Xperia Z5. It has the same quality as a fancy TV. People, commentators, were indifferent to the move. Our eyes can only see so much before they fill in the gaps themselves. The pursuit of ever greater resolution seemed like the superficial scramblings of tech companies struggling with innovation. How little we knew, now mobile phones are looking like being the method of delivery for virtual reality. There’s a beauty to the pursuit of something seemingly superficial then evolving into a technology with otherworldly potential.

The Best VR Smartphones

Samsung and Google are the two companies leading phone-based virtual reality at the moment. Samsung’s vertically integrated suite includes a VR camera and the Gear VR headset. Currently six phones work with Gear VR; the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5. Apparently they get a bit hot after an hour, so, use with caution?

What’s the optimum phone size for VR?

In typical fashion Google have integrated many other companies into their VR community, Daydream and Cardboard. The Android VR family spans the price bracket. Daydream is the expensive version open only to a few handsets presently. These are the Pixel and Pixel XL, Moto Z and Z Force, the ZenFone AR (from Asus which wants to introduce more mixed reality apps) and the Axon 7. All these phones are several hundred pounds too much, so let’s look for cheap PPi elsewhere.

Average pixel density is steadily increasingly, for VR the denser the better.

There’s a point at which screen size and pixels-per-inch meet, this is the sweetspot within the sweetspot. We’ve found the branch of goods we want its cheap Android devices, here we come.
Wileyfox SwiftI used to own this phone, then it got stolen, I liked it enough when I had it. I know its cheap and it has a dual-sim slot. A PPi of 294 and screen size of 5″ is average for all smartphones, the battery life is something to be concerned with, you can change the battery easily but you’re still changing a battery. Vodafone Smart Ultra 7This phone is pushing my price range, but it is very well received and reviewed. Screen size is 5.5″ and pixel density is 401. If only there were a cheaper version of this cheap version of a top end smartphone.XiaomiThere is. Its the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and it has a screen size of 5.5″ and a PPi of 401. This is almost double the average density of all smartphones according to specout.com and at only $155 its so cheap!This Chinese manufacturer has some very cheap well-specced mobiles online. I’m just a bit uncertain about which vendor to use, I don’t want a knock-off of a knock-off you know?


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