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What’s The Future Of Social Media?

Social media has gradually been making the switch from a luxury or a pastime to an absolute necessity for individuals and businesses alike. Facebook alone now boasts 1.86 billion active monthly users(roughly 1 in 4 people on earth) and generated more than $26 million in advertising revenue last year.

On the surface, it seems the future will be split between social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, and more niche social media sites like Instagram or Snapchat. However, if you asked someone in the early 2000s what the future of social media was going to be they likely would have said MySpace and maybe a couple new platforms.

The world of social media never stops evolving and the impact it makes is almost too widespread to grasp. So, to gain a little insight on the subject we asked a group of industry experts…

What’s The Future Of Social Media?

Their answers may surprise you…   

Brent Broadnax, Founder & Managing Partner of NerdBox

“In my opinion, social media is going to only become more and more ubiquitous. It will be embedded into smart home devices, every mobile device you carry, even into your vehicle. Since social media wanted to give others a glimpse into your daily life, the future will likely continue that trend.”


Tom Brown, Marketing Assistant at Shiply

“Personally, I think video will soon take over the entire market. Companies such as Snapchat have revolutionised the way we communicate with each other. Written content is being left behind for video content, with an increasing demand for live-stream.

I expect all social media platforms will force a big push towards video updates and statuses. Facebook have already been making it easier for users to live-stream video and others are sure to follow.”


Heidi Gammuac, Senior Content Manager at The Agency

“Social media is constantly evolving at a frenetic pace. Certain social media tactics that were effective just a couple of years ago are no longer relevant today. Because of this, it is difficult to pinpoint where social media will be five years from now, let alone in 10-15 years. At this rate, because social media has become so pervasive, the public’s expectations of the medium will continue to grow.

As with websites today, in the future businesses will have no choice but to have a strong social media presence. They will need to cultivate an authentic personality over different platforms – which also means constantly assessing where their audiences are and staying current. As well, time to address inquiries on social media, from simple queries, to customer service, and even crisis situations will most likely accelerate.”


Joseph Luckett , Founder & CEO of Affluent Solution Group

“Social media is a rapidly changing space where quick turnaround times, efficiency and adaptability are key. This landscape is dominated by content creation, user engagement, and impressions. But what does the future of social media have in store? As Founder and CEO of Affluent Solution Group, I have a bird’s eye view of the latest trends and developments.

I predict that a decade from now, social media will be less about generating a high volume of user interactions and more about interpreting the data garnered from these exchanges. Businesses that can collect and translate data into usable information will be able to develop cutting-edge marketing strategies that better address the needs and interests of their individual customers, allowing for mass personalization. In turn, this will make it easier to create a more interactive media experience, as customers not only consume but also create information that is relevant to businesses.”


Teresa Walsh, Marketing Executive at Cazana.com

“We are already starting to see this happen with people now sharing 360-degree experience images on social networking site’s creating for us a virtual world. Pokemon go has made augmented reality a global success and this will only grow in coming years with other companies like IKEA now jumping on the bandwagon.

In 10-15 years this will be the norm. Instead of profile images, we will have 3D avatars and social media sites will become our very own virtual worlds where we can play virtual games of table tennis with friends or go on their holidays with real-time 360-degree images and video updates and interact with brands in unique and novel ways.”


George Smith , Digital Marketing & PR Assistant at InfiSIM

“Social media is at the centre of everything we do, but as technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) develop we can expect social media to become much more integrated in our lives. This new era of social media will move away from smartphones and tablets, and will begin to be present in newer technologies such as smart appliances and autonomous cars. As social platforms begin to use AI to learn about our lives we’ll be able to communicate with our devices to find out what our friends are up to instead of relying on a tweet or Facebook status.

I also expect social media to be more news-orientated. Our interest in social media has moved away from ‘poking’ one another; we’re now hungry to learn about what’s going on in the world. Social media will focus on delivering more advanced news features in the upcoming years.”


Amanda Maxwell , Senior Account Executive at Hubb House Public Relations

“I believe social media is just going to keep evolving and taking over in the next 10 years as a main PR initiative. Working In PR has helped show just how influential social media has become, and if used correctly and to the full extent, has proven to return high ROI’s for companies.

Social media is not only just a traffic driver to your website or company, but also becoming almost a review system. People will look up clothing brands, restaurants, etc to see who is participating with your brand, get ideas, and validate the company by the amount of followers and engagement you have.

People in 18 to 40 demographics are checking Instagram pages before Yelp, which is a huge tell tale sign of where social media is going and how important it is for companies, Which is exactly why I started Social by Amkmaxwell.”

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