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What’s the Future of Recruiting?

For most companies out there, they would tell you that recruiting talent isn’t easy.

But you know what they would say is even harder? Retaining talent.

Because of the internet and social networks like Linkedin, it’s now more easy than ever before for recruiters to sort through potential job candidates at scale and connect directly. A quick search on Linkedin, for example, can show you everyone who works at a company, their job title, how long they’ve been there and often, much, much more.

With technologies and tools like this on the rise, what’s it all mean for the recruiting industry? How will things change?

And most importantly…

What’s the future of recruiting?

We asked industry experts to answer that question. This is what we learned…

Jeff Tennery, CEO & Founder of Moonlighting

“The world is becoming more and more mobile by the minute and thanks to the millennial generation, more on-demand. Recruiters will require solutions that help them identify premium candidates who are available to work in real time. And in order to make that happen the solution needs to be accessible via mobile devices. Millennials are opting to freelance over full-time employment so recruiters will need to attract millennials with short-term, contingent base work projects to meet that need. New emerging marketplaces like Upwork, Moonlighting, and Fiverr can provide recruiters with the tools to access and hire freelancing millennials who will only engage with recruiters through mobile.”


Adelyn Zhou, CMO of TOPBOTS

“Artificial intelligence will replace many of the mundane tasks in recruiting. For example, machine learning technologies will connect to ATS/HRIS to analyze a company’s talent universe and open positions. The system will then find, match, and rank candidates against these open reqs. Based on performance data from past hires, an AI system will assign each candidate a predictive candidate performance score that will help in the interview process.

Additionally, bots will schedule interviews, manage feedback and coordinate job offers. These technologies will ultimately allowing recruiters to focus on what they do best, talking and interviewing top talent.”


Dana Case, Director of Operations of MyCorporation

“I think we’ll be doing more skype interviews in the future. At least as the initial interview. You can usually tell within the first few minutes of meeting someone if they’re an absolute ‘no’ or not. That way no one’s wasting his/her time coming into the office for an interview when it’s not a good fit.”


Revi Goldwasser, Job Hunting Expert at Revigoldjobexpert.com

“The Recruitment space is an organic ever evolving industry that based on technological advances (Indeed.com, Glassdoor.com, LinkedIn and now Facebook offering FREE jobs!), hiring is now a highly efficient and speedy platform that connects talent with hiring managers in milliseconds. In my opinion, the needs to use “vendor” recruiters will be totally eliminated except for the highly challenging or confidential searches. Job seekers have access to everything they need to know thanks to the internet, as do hiring managers. Vendor recruiters will become obsolete as firms hire corporate recruiters to recruit only for their firms and hiring needs by using the multiple and highly efficient software platforms available today to attract talent right to their doorsteps (and who can even imagine what will be in 10 years!!).”


Bryan Wilson, VP of Sales & Marketing at cBizSoft, Inc.

“Artificial Intelligence for Sourcing & Skill Testing, Location based factors completely irrelevant, traditional employment models going away.”


Wesley Owens, CEO of Bison Workforce Solutions

“The future of recruiting is really going to be crowdsourcing and aggregators. If you know anything about Indeed – it’s not the traditional job board. Sure you can post as an employer and get candidates, etc. But it also pulls available jobs from other job boards like CareerBuilder and Monster. So being an aggregator, Indeed is showing us what the future of recruiting will look like. They’re trying to become a one-stop shop for candidates. Crowdsourcing is already occurring in Silicon Valley – where you have the ability to fill your hiring needs without having to go to one particular recruiter. ‘Here’s my job rec, I’m going to put it out to my user group. I’m going to rely on my user group to source this for me, free of charge, then we’ll interview those that my user group says are good candidates.


Rick Crossland, Owner of A Player Advantage & author of The A Player

“The future of recruiting in 10-15 years will be a lot more like online dating, predicts Rick Crossland, a talent expert who owns A Player Advantage and is the author of the book The A Player. Right now, the top recruiters are using big data tools to locate candidates. In the future, executive recruiting will more resemble on-line dating where candidates and recruiters will use portals to mutually select each other using sophisticated algorithms like conjoint analysis. Right now, there is a matching problem says Crossland, where the right candidates are not necessarily being matched to the right openings.”


Shaylene Keiner, Founder & President of HeadHunters NW

“My first day on the job as a fresh faced new recruiter I was handed a stack of paper that were resumes the office had received postal mailed in or faxed. I was told to read the resume briefly then call that person and learn what they do.

Years passed and I perfected my craft, resumes were then emailed, read and stored electronically. We still worked the phones and email became the norm.

Now as I sit at my desk, I still have a landline phone but also, I now have my cell phone, and like everyone else, it never leaves my side. As I write this, I realize I have just presented a fresh new candidate to my fresh new potential client and done so via text message.

What does the future hold for recruiting? I’m not sure but I know I will be on the bleeding edge! Bring on the innovation!”


Dave Arnold, President of Arnold Partners, LLC

“The future of recruiting is going to rely more and more on influence. The differentiator for stand-out recruiters will be the ability to bring parties together through influential relationships, influential marketing and possibly the use of AI. As we face more and more inbound data requests from a variety of sources, our interest in responding will be shaped by our respect for the source of the inquiry. Cold calling died years ago, we are in the age of big data shaping our personal and working lives and it is re-shaping the recruiting landscape.”


Jason Lavis, Marketing Director at Natrespro

“I see a polarization in recruiting where the vast majority of companies will adapt or die. There will be the volume/AI side, where a job gets posted to up to 1000 jobs boards at once, then the applicant information is processed electronically and candidates with a 99.9% probability of perfect match will be put forward.

At the other end of the scale there will be highly specialized roles and small teams built using a combination of technology, and experienced specialists who know the job itself intimately. For example, some science or engineering roles will require experienced human input and discretion.”

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