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This startup may bring on an entrepreneurial revolution


Its never been easier in history to go from idea to product. Experienced product sourcing agents know how to go from sketch to product in hand in as little as weeks. But for first time product entrepreneurs the task can be overwhelming. Magically seeks to change that.

Magically is a San Fransisco based startup with a mission to bring outsourced manufacturing within reach to every day people. Their software, when ready, will integrate product sourcing specialists with a product management suite to help early stage entrepreneurs in making their ideas come to life.

You’ll be able to provide your idea and designs, and they’ll take care of delegating across multiple validated factories to optimize cost and quality. Possibly the greatest value of all is that they provide escrowed payment services and only contract with trusted factories. Any first time product entrepreneur finds out pretty quickly that the odds of having an unsatisfactory order are extremely high, especially working with factories overseas in Asia where an innocent miscommunication can render a six figure order worthless.

Why did Magically end up on Future of Everything? Because it represents a major step toward democratized manufacturing. Five years ago Jimmy the teenager with a cool product design would have been told what he ought to study later on in life. Today he can have 3D printed prototypes made and market tested in a week for under $100. But this is just the first step. What happens when everyone loves the cool product and its time to have it manufactured? 3D printing is nowhere near economical for mass production. Are Jimmy’s parents supposed to put up their life savings on a manufacturing run that could be worth the scrap value of 2 tons of plastic because the sourcing agent Jimmy hired wasn’t attentive enough to his requirements? Or because Jimmy didn’t know to ask for samples first? Or was too overwhelmed to hop on a plane to China to inspect the factory? This is where the magic is put into Magically.

When Jimmy determines he’s ready to make his product, he uploads his files to Magically where a combination of their algorithms and manufacturing specialists determine what factories can best produce each part and how much those parts should cost. Then Magically’s standardized process ensures that there are no surprises on the journey to product in hand. Once Jimmy has the product in hand and is happy with the results, Magically will release the funds to the factory.

Magically represents one giant leap for product entrepreneurs. They are currently beta testing their services on a carefully selected group of entrepreneurs and fine tuning the software.

My advice? Bookmark magically.io or write them down somewhere so that next time you’ve got ambitious plans of how far you could take a cool idea you remember that you’ve got an incredible, magical manufacturing resource right at your fingertips.

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