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The Ultimate Thync Review

Spire breathing trackerSpire breathing tracker
Thync seems to be discontinuing their device as it’s been unavailable on Amazon for many months now. If you’re looking for an alternative stress reduction and mindfulness device, we recommend the Spire mindfulness device. Spire is a device that monitors your breathing activity throughout the day and alerts you when your breathing is abnormal so that you can take a quick breath and reset. This helps you catch yourself when you dive into mental patterns of stress, anger, anxiety, and much more.

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Five years ago every futurist on the planet was talking about the huge impact that wearables were about to have on the world. Fast forward to today and most of their predictions about adoption rates haven’t materialized. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t made progress, just take a look at our wearables expert roundup to see what today’s entrepreneurs are up to. Thync is an intriguing example in the space with it’s claimed ability to alter your state of mind with the tap of a screen. Being both intrigued and skeptical, we placed our order and waited to get started on this Thync review.

Get Thync here: Thync

In order to write comprehensive reviews we buy the products we write about, and put many hours into testing. We do earn a commission if you buy the products from our links, but it won’t cost you a penny more than going straight to Amazon. We hope our review service is worth supporting with a click. 

Thync is an app controlled device that uses electricity to stimulate and activate your nerves. It uses an electrical current tuned to the proper frequency to induce changes in brain activity. There are three main applications for Thync:

  • Fitness with multiple warmup and cool down sessions
  • Energy with sessions for waking, focus, and more
  • Calm with sessions for relaxing, sleeping, and zen-like serenety

According to Thync:

“Thync uses safe nerve stimulation to affect key brain regions involved in sleep. In addition, Thync lowers stress and anxiety which can negatively impact sleep quality. The result is the ability to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer without the side effects associated with substances. This approach has been validated through published studies and countless customer testimonials. Try Thync to stop the restless thoughts that keep you up at night, to sleep better, and to wake up feeling refreshed.”

Unboxing & First Impressions

The packaging is well designed and elegant, in my experience a great first indication of a product’s overall design. In the box is the Thync module, a charging cable, one pack of Thync Energy strips, and one pack of Thync Calm strips. On first impression the Thync module is made of high quality materials. The contour of its glossy white plastic feels incredibly natural in your hand. At this point we’re getting really excited to give it a try.

Thync open box

Next we removed the strips from their foil packaging. They also have a feeling of very high quality materials – sturdy enough that they shouldn’t have issues with damage, yet flexible and soft enough to not cause any discomfort. The strips rely on adhesion to stay in place, so naturally they are disposable. You can easily Prime your replacement calm strips and energy strips when they need replacing.We’ll cover the details of it later.

App & Use

We spoke with some early adopters who have been using Thync for years and they’ve said that they’ve been super innovative with their app updates, pushing over-the-air upgrades similar to what you get with a Tesla in the form of new . There are three sections to the Thync app:

Thync Calm
Thync Energy
Thync Fitness

Have you ever known someone who was extremely relaxed and calm in any situation? They’re often times incredible people, able to make all decisions with a balanced mind. Calmness is a trait that can be learned through meditation, yoga, and mind games like pool, golf, and chess. I’m hoping that Thync will be an aid in developing and maintaining that inner calmness.

Within the Calm category you’ve got six different types of sessions:

  • Zen
  • Sleep
  • Good Night
  • Blizz
  • Relax
  • Welcome Calm which is an introduction to using the Calm strips.

I’ve launched the tutorial on placing and using Thync. The main thing that takes a bit of practice is learning where to place the module for best results.

The introduction is a rather detailed video showing the common errors leading to bad placement. Like I said, I found that placement is the biggest thing that takes a few tries to get it right. Once you find the right spot it becomes much faster to place it properly. It initially took me four or five tries to get it placed right, and now I generally get it in one or two tries. I said generally and that leads to one of my complaints about the Thync. Even after using it for a few days I’d have certain sessions where I found it really difficult to find proper placement. It’s likely that I was being a perfectionist with the placement, and its a quick and painless process to move anyway so not a huge deal.


Thync Relax
So now that the module is placed properly we can get to the fun stuff. The first time I used the Relax session was after a long day at work. I was a bit stressed out at the time due to some rapidly approaching deadlines. As much as I love my work, I really don’t want to take work-related stress home into my personal time.

Starting for the first time was sort of a moment-of-truth for me. At this point I couldn’t be certain of how well I placed the module, and I’m about to send a wave of energy through my head. In the first few seconds my concerns melted away. The Thync module creates a sensation I’d describe as pulsing and vibrating.

In the beginning the sensation is so alien that it’s more fascinating than relaxing. I was feeling parts of my head that I’d never felt before in ways I’ve never felt before. Then a few minutes into it, I stopped thinking of the novelty, and tried to let it do its thing. I used the in-app controls to adjust the intensity – which you really must do. It doesn’t feel like a linear increase in intensity to me. At the lower end it feels like it hardly is turned on, whereas when you exceed your optimal intensity it can feel like your cranium is in a vice. You can also add an additional 5 minutes on if you’re just starting to get into it at the end.

After the first Relax session I was in a different state of mind. One of the things about Thync is that it is inherently a very subjective device, and thus the results will vary by your attitude and perceptions. I can’t be sure if I feel more relaxed after a session simply because I’m sitting still and letting my mind relax, or if the waves of energy going through my head were really altering my brain waves. After many sessions of consistently feeling a bit more relaxed each time, I decided it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s because Thync is just making me sit and chill or if the waves are really directly altering my mind, at the end of the session I really can notice feeling more relaxed. That was my goal right?


I came to the very same conclusion on Thync Energy. Within Energy there are five sessions:

  • Awake
  • Surge
  • Boost
  • Holly Jolly
  • Work

I used Work during an after-lunch crash when caffeine really doesn’t seem to help. I found that it really did get me in a modestly more focused state. It isn’t the hyped up, jittery feeling of drinking a big coffee, but more of a subtle ability to keep your mind where you want it to be. It isn’t like flipping a switch in your head and you are laser focused for hours on end, but combined with frequent breaks to reset your mind it has a really great effect.


The third category is Fitness. There are four sessions under Fitness:

  • Motivation
  • Warmup
  • Cooldown
  • Rest

I haven’t had a chance yet to to try out the Fitness categories. If you’ve used it please share your experience in the comments!

Ongoing use

One of the main complaints that we’ve heard is having to reorder the reusable strips. Amazon makes this easy by offering replacement calm strips and energy strips. The strips aren’t super cheap but they are of very high quality. Thync suggests the strips should be able to be reused 5 times each. We’ve read reports of people getting between 3-10 uses out of each strip before needing a replacement, but some people make tweaks that make them last much longer. The whole reason they need to be replaced is because of the adhesion wearing off from skin oil and dirt. If you are careful about putting them on in ideal conditions they should last on the longer end of that range. And if you or someone you know is a bit crafty, you may even be able to outfit them with an elastic headband or better adhesion system so you never have to replace them.

Thync is available for purchase on Amazon here: Get Thync.

Is Thync Safe?

According to Thync, they now have 5 years, 5,000+ sessions, and 1,300 nights of sleep tested. I think if they’re allowed to continue operating after all that testing that it must be pretty safe. From my experience I think that if you’re responsible with the intensity settings that it’s extremely comfortable and induces only pleasant effects. It’s once you get adventurous/careless and begin cranking the intensity way up in the name of greater benefits that Thync poses any problems. Even at that point, I think it’s more discomfort than it is any real danger. With that said, this opinion is based entirely on the data Thync provides. We’d definitely recommend consulting with your doctor especially if you have a condition or are taking medicine that may interfere. I’m comfortable enough with it that I would let any loved one try it.

Conclusion & Pricing

Thync is a really unique product in the wearables market. For people interested in brain hacking, meditation, productivity hacking, or just simply trying to reduce stress and relax, Thync offers a unique and chemical free application. Thync is currently available for $299 with free shipping. They have a great 30 day trial period where you can send it back if you aren’t happy which offers great peace of mind. With nothing to lose, I totally recommend giving Thync a try!

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